How to Approach a Girl You Don’t Know: Step-By-Step Free Advice

So, you found this page because you’re interested in learning how to approach a girl you don’t even know. Well you’re in luck because I just *happen* to go out every single day and approach 30 hot women so I might be able to give you a couple tips in the short amount of time that it takes to read this.

First I’ll tell you exactly what to do and then I’ll give you some crucial advice on how to approach a girl you like (so you can get to know her and find out if you really do like her).

How to Approach a Girl You Don’t Know: Step-by-Step Advice

Step 1: Find a girl you are attracted to. You can approach a girl anywhere. This could be at school, on the street, at the gym (it’s always fun to approach a hot girl at the gym), at a bar, in a club, at work, in public, or even when she is with her friends and with a group of girls.

Step 2: Physically move to go talk to her. No matter what. This is the only factor that is crucial. Don’t worry about trying to approach a hot girl from the right angle, or any other tiny details like that. So long as you approach a beautiful girl you find attractive then you are doing more than most guys ever will. If you two have chemistry then all those little worrisome details won’t matter a single bit. I know this from the experience of approaching 30 beautiful women every single day.

Step 3: Say, “Hi. What’s your name?” I’ll explain why this is all you need in a minute.

Step 4: Have a fun conversation.

Step 5: Ask for her phone number.

Step 6: Whether it goes anywhere with this girl or not, give yourself a pat on the back. You have just increased your confidence level. Approach enough women in this way and it won’t be long before you find a woman who you really hit it off with.

Crucial Tips and Advice on How to Approach a Girl You Like (or Are at Attracted to)

Guys, you’ve got to get your image and fashion under control.

Dress nice. Groom yourself properly. Find an overall image that fits you nicely.

Some guys like to rock a 3-piece suit. Others have fun with a rocker style. I’ve seen some guys doing great with a goth look. We recommend a good suit with a nice red tie but test it out. Talk to lots of women and see what works best. Don’t believe us. Test everything yourself.

By and large, your image, look and fashion is going to either limit the girls who will talk to you or expand the girls that will talk to you. I’m not saying you can’t get results looking like a slob who hasn’t showered in a week because of your golden personality. What I’m saying is – handle your looks and you will get more success than you currently get. Period.

And if you’re one of those guys who has been told that “looks don’t matter”, well, I hate to break it to you but yes they do. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have experience with hundreds and thousands of women.

If your looks aren’t acceptable to her then you don’t even get a chance. Fortunately for us guys, we can improve our looks A LOT by putting some thought and effort in.

Being stylish and getting your image and fashion under control will only help you with approaching beautiful women. It cannot hurt. Statistically, you will only get more results with better style. For us guys, it takes us about 10-15 minutes of extra prep time MAX to look our best before going out the door.

The question is – why would you ever pass up the chance to give yourself an advantage?

So go out and find a style that suits you (hint: suits have gotten the best results for our guys). If you’re clueless about fashion then find some stylish guys who can help you out, ask people in the shops to help you, or better yet, approach a pretty girl and have her help you out.

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‘Hi’ Is Enough! This is going to be obvious but… SAY ‘HI’!

That’s it guys. See a pretty girl and say hi.

Anyone who tells you that you can’t just say hi obviously is not talking about reality. (Hi exists for a reason!)

A simple, “Hi, how are you?” is plenty to get the ball rolling. If she likes your look and you are a relaxed, fun guy then things will take off naturally. (If you still have trouble with conversation then I suggest you practice making small talk with EVERYONE you meet).

Guys, know this – you don’t need to get more fancy than ‘hi’, ‘hello’, or a similar greeting. This is what we get results with and we get results that other guys wish they had (it all starts with taking action on improving yourself).

Learning how to approach a girl you don’t know ain’t rocket surgery. ‘Hi’ is more than enough to get a conversation started in order to find out if you share chemistry with the girl. If it isn’t enough then you’re mistake lies elsewhere. Go seek out someone with more experience to help you (and then use what they say to test it out in your own experience).

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“But isn’t approaching beautiful girls haaaard?”

No. It’s not. And especially not once you do it once, a few, or a few thousand times.

Let me ask you – Is it hard to joke around with someone you get along with? Is it hard to talk with a friend who you have a connection with? Is it hard when you meet someone who you can relax around? These are things you are looking for right away when you meet women (we go into this much more in depth in our book Meet More Women).

It might take time to learn and it will certainly take deliberate, concentrated effort on your part but if you are willing to take action on improving your self and your life then you WILL get better and get closer to your goals.

If it’s hard then you’re doing it wrong and you obviously haven’t studied our book, Meet More Women, closely enough yet.

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Want to get better at ANYTHING in life?

The best way I know of getting better at anything really fast is to find people who are getting the results you want and then mining them for information. Ask them questions. Find out how they tick, how they think, and what they do to get the results they get.

The same is true for approaching a girl you don’t know. Find guys who are doing it and getting the results you want and learn from them. It could be a random guy on the street or in the bar. It could be your buddy. Or you could get help from professionals who make their living by getting guys results.

But no matter where you seek a mentor, whether it’s free or paid, you need a mentor/mentors if you really want to succeed and get the lifestyle and the women you want. Using the experiences of others as a guide to your own learning is the smartest, most efficient thing you can do on your own path to mastery.

What Should You Do Right Now to Approach an Attractive Girl You Like?

Take Action.

This is the most important issue.

If you don’t actually go out and approach a beautiful girl, then you won’t meet her. Period.

Let’s finish this article by recapping where this advice has been tested, massively. You can use this list to go approach a beautiful woman right now.

– At school
– On the street
– At a train station
– At the gym
– At a bar
– In a club
– At work
– In public
– When she is with her friends
– When she is with a group of girls
– On a train
– On a bus

So get out there and go approach a girl you like.

You’ve just learned a ton of useful, great advice. It’s up to you to actually use it and take action on improving your dating life!