Flirting Body Language

Those lame pick up lines are passé, and are being replaced by flirting body language that moves flirtation into the visual realm. As the saying goes, your walking can do the all the talking when it comes to overpowering a woman. The power of this method derives from a number of factors.

The initial way this works is by paying attention to a lady, as keeping her within eyesight is a flirty means of showing interest. If you already demonstrate interest visually, you’ll find a woman will be more willing to talk to you (as you have already ‘made the first move’ and shown you find her attractive).

There are also flirting body language signs that serve to connect with women such that they are quickly aware that you want a fun and interactive time with her as an eligible single. 3 examples of this:

1. Smile and Greet, and be Open for the Same.

No one wants to go over to meet Mr. Stay By Myself, the guy at the bar who gives off vibes that he doesn’t want interaction with anybody. A venue filled with pretty gals seeking to flirt is not the place to act like you are sorrowful or drinking your troubles away. No woman will go near a guy like this, it goes without saying. So even if you’re a lonely guy, you have to break out of your shell and approach the crowds. That gesture will by itself lead to increasing chances the girl will talk to you.

Eye the whole surroundings; examine how the ladies are working the place. Lock eyes with those women who look like they have an interest in you. When they say ‘Hi’ to you, learn to smile back, and maintain a body image that appears open. That will up the odds you and a woman can meet.

2. Winking.

Winking can make you look creepy unless you do it the right way. Men have often messed this flirting body language trick up. Provocatively smile, in a broad way, and then blink! The smile will offset the wink and eye tracking movement, and signal a woman that she is being greeted.

When a woman is physically not accessible this trick can come in very handy. A woman is most likely to incline towards talking to guys who wink properly and therefore caught her interest enough to get onto her “talk to this guy later” list.

3. Each time she says something of interest, tilt your head.

Many men aren’t very expressive in their facial reactions. One way to get past the poker face problem is to show the woman you are paying attention, best displayed visually when you show interest by tilting your head in her direction.

Establishing rapport with a woman can be as simple as mastering each of these flirting body language cues.