Find Love on Facebook – Social Networking Dating Tips

Unless you have never used the internet chances are you have heard of Facebook, you may know many people who have used Facebook, and you may have a profile of your own on the social media website. Now boasting over a billion users, Facebook has grown into a social media marketing giant, with people signing up their businesses as well as completing personal profiles.

One of the ways Facebook has grown in popularity is as a source of potential partners for dating. In fact, some users started their relationships as Facebook friends, and became more intimate by taking their love into in the real world. The trend for using Facebook as a dating portal stems from the highest users demographics: people aged between 20-35 make up the largest group on Facebook. This means most of the users logged onto Facebook are at an age where dating, love, and relationships are key concerns.

The social nature of Facebook lends itself to dating in an astonishingly simple way. Users post photos onto their profiles, much the same way as when using an online dating service. However, Facebook is free to use and set up a profile page, and post content such as messages, video, and photographs. The immediacy of life now means that Facebook is always current- if there is a crisis in the world you can guarantee that the news networks with social media presence make the crisis news available on Facebook within moments of the crisis being reported on television or radio. News corporations worldwide now have asocial media presence on Facebook, including CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC World News, MSNBC and more. Some of these corporations often stream live events as broadcasts on their Facebook profile pages and encourage users to spend time on their profile page. There are advertisements around each profile page set to entice users into clicking on them, which in turn gives the profile owner and advertiser valuable revenue.

When considering using Facebook as a means of finding love there is one caveat: much the same as when using online dating, there are security and privacy concerns to consider. Facebook advises its users to review their profiles and to select the level of privacy which suits their needs. A fully completed profile will attract other users-and potential dates to you- if you indicate that you are single and interested in dating, and add your interests, likes, and upload photographs.

For example, if your profile shows that you enjoy salsa dancing, Facebook will send your profile to other people who also like salsa dancing. If you like extreme sports like sky diving, mountain climbing, or snowboarding, these are all activities that men are most likely to enjoy. This means that your profile will be shown to every man who also like these sports. They will send you a friend request, you will check out their profile page, and add them as a friend if you like what you see. Build up a dialogue from there, and you may be on your way to getting closer in the real world.

Facebook uses predictive technology to match your interests to other peoples. If you like movies, dancing, cookery, ice skating, you can almost guarantee Facebook will find matches for you who also share these interests. Where this falls down is those of us who have unique interests. It is impossible for Facebook to include every possible interest. When users join the website, and enter their interests it will create a database. All it needs is one person to add their interest and others will soon be matched to that interest. If you have an unusual hobby or craft which you enjoy, don’t feel that you will not be able to find other people who enjoy it. You will.

Facebook also suggests interest based pages for you to look at based on your interests, and invites you to ‘like’ those pages. Once you ‘like’ an interest-based page-for example, if you are interested in hiking you may be invited to ‘like’ someone’s page based on hiking- you will be able to see the other people who like it, and you can send each other messages or post on each others pages.

With this in mind, using Facebook as a means of finding love means: ensure that you fully complete your profile, upload great looking photographs of yourself on your own, or some with pets or family, and make an effort to use the network until people begin to contact you.

Encourage a relationship by commenting on each others’ posts, sending private messages, and being friendly. Under no circumstances ‘stalk’ people, repetitively send the same message, or just plain bug people on Facebook otherwise you will be in violation of the terms and conditions of being a user, and will see your profile deleted without warning.