Dating Tips For Men On Beauty

We live in a world where we’ve been programmed to believe that only certain women that look in a specific way are worth dating.

You know what I’m talking about. The hour class figure with that look in her eyes that says “I’m more powerful than you.” We can’t walk around the corner without seeing a picture of this sort of woman. I’m not denying that these women are hot.

Today women feel inadequate if they don’t conform to the beauty of the billboards and magazines. Men feel inadequate if they don’t GET with these types of women.

But is society’s definition of beauty really all that there is?

So many men I see get frustrated because they feel that if they don’t have what society tells them to want, somehow they’re less of a man. When they do get these women, they freak out, search websites looking for dating tips for men, and ultimately lose these women. When they do lose the women, it affirms feelings of unworthiness, while lack of worth actually did not cause the termination of the relationship at all.

Here’s my own dating tip for men:

Take a moment and forget all those pictures that you see in magazines and at the mall.

What do you really want?

Who is your type?

What is beauty mean to you?

To me, a beautiful woman may not be the “hottest” girl at the party, but she has something unique about them that makes her special. Think about “girl next door.” Dating her makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And here’s another dating tip for men: A lot of guys have trouble “being themselves” around women.

But if you spend time thinking about what YOU appreciate in beauty and how it reflects who you are, women will appreciate you back.

I like women who complement who I am. If you choose to surround yourself in the company of women that reflect who you are, you will attract women with ease.

These “regulation hot women” don’t complement every man, and if you’re not one of those guys, you shouldn’t try to be one of them– trust me, it’s more toil than it’s worth. But if you look beyond “regulation hot,” there are many attractive women that are the bread to your butter. You just have to find them.

Dating tip for men: Part of being attractive means discovering what you want through experience.

What you think you like may not actually be what’s best for you. You have to open your mind to different types of women, even women that you might not otherwise consider.

It’s important for both men and women to “date around”. That way, we can discover what we really want.

I will end with a final dating tip for men: Go for women who are interested in you. Never just write off a woman because you’re afraid your friends make fun of you. If she is genuinely interested in you, and you are even slightly attracted to her, you’re going to learn a lot about yourself and how to date.