7 Simple Tips to Make You Super Attractive and Irresistible to Women

Every man wants to have a kind of charm that women can’t resist. They want respect, and they want women to acknowledge them. Becoming irresistible to women is all about your inner qualities, and your attitude toward women. Here are 7 tips to make yourself irresistible to women:

1. Think of women as your close friends

Whenever you meet women, on the street, at the club, wherever, you should impart the thought that women are your close friends. In this way, you will feel comfortable around them, and you can approach them without unnecessary nervousness. When you approach women as close friends, they will become more attracted to you because you bring them comfort.

2. Think of yourself as irresistible

This will help you to build your confidence, and make yourself feel better than most guys out there. When you think yourself as irresistible, you won’t be needy toward women. In fact, you expect women to come to you effortlessly. Contrast this with men who feel themselves as inadequate. They will usually carry a bad body language around women, which usually become a turn off for them.

3. Make a good first impression

When you enter a place where there are many women inside, you need to create a good first impression that will signal positive message to them. You need to sit comfortably, walk confidently, and have a good posture. First impression is important, and it will determine how they will treat you for the rest of the time. It’s difficult to change a negative first impression once it’s recorded in their mind.

4. Be who you are, and don’t apologize for it

Most men are afraid to be who they really are, and they’re trying to become another person instead. For instance, they might fancy themselves to act cool, while in reality they aren’t. They fear that women will reject them for who they are. If you want to impress women, be yourself. Be unique, and don’t apologize for it. If they can’t take you for what it is, then it’s their problem.

5. Give a good eye contact

When you talk with a woman, don’t stare like you’re going to catch her. You don’t need to wander your eyes, either. What you need to do is to give a good eye contact to her. Give her enough attention, and make her feel that you’re listening to her. Focus your eyes mostly on her eyes, with occasional withdrawal. In other words, don’t stick your eyes 100% of the time.

6. Explore her interests

Talking with women and creating an irresistible charm is about being able to “dance” in conversation with her. Your job is to make the conversation lively, and flows smoothly. The best way to do it is to focus your conversation on her, by exploring her interests. She will be delighted to find someone who are interested in what she’s interested about. She will talk for long hours just to share about it to you. And the best part is that it will leave positive impression about you in her mind.

7. Be around women

Women will find you attractive if you’re seen to be very close to them. For instance, a lonely guy will not seen to be attractive because he never be around women before. But, a guy that has a great share of experience with women will become more and more attractive. That’s how women will see you. So, keep yourself around women all the time.