Stray Thoughts on Desire and Lust

February 17, 2015, No Comments

In college, I read Ovid the classical Roman poet and his concept of ‘gaze’. It is a word that is the beginning of all feelings. Ovid related this word to women. Gaze is the first step to desire, love and even rape. When a man gazes at a woman…


Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – There’s No Reason to…

February 10, 2015, No Comments

Strange how something so life-altering comes stealing in like fog that rolls in and grows denser until it obscures the landscape; you wake up one day and it feels like a stranger is in your bed. Gone is the thrill of seeing their face, of robbing one more minute…


If Only You Would Get What You Are Doing!

February 2, 2015, No Comments

One of the most common dynamics I see with the couples I work with is that each of them is convinced that if only their partner would see what he or she is doing to cause the relationship problems, their relationship would get so much better. They each see…


Do We Expect Too Much From a Relationship?

January 29, 2015, No Comments

Too many women have been told that they expect the kind of partner they read about in romance novels or see on a movie screen. They’ve also been told that real relationships aren’t like that. And we’re not even talking about the guys in romance books who are six…


5 Signs That He’s Into You

January 26, 2015, No Comments

Most men are not vocal with their feelings and it is hard to know what’s on their minds. It would be really great if you can read his mind to know what he’s thinking especially if he’s someone you admire or like. Fortunately, there are ways to read a…


Make A Match Love You In 3 Steps

February 16, 2015, No Comments

Each person falls in love through their dominant sensory doorway of seeing, hearing or feeling. Think of this sensory doorway as a love language. Each person feels close and connected to someone who speaks their dominant sensory love language, but feels little or no connection with someone who doesn’t.…


Are You Asking 4 Questions That Repel Love?

February 9, 2015, No Comments

By asking better questions, you attract love and build better relationships including your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. Let’s improve your love habit by avoiding 4 wrong questions and asking the right ones that attract happy, sexy love. Wrong Question #1: When will I…


Why Do Some People Feel Empty When They Are Not…

January 30, 2015, No Comments

There are some people who not only feel comfortable in a relationship; they also feel comfortable when they are not in one. This means that their boundaries are strong enough for them to open up and to experience intimacy without losing who they are.


7 Great Places to Meet Women

January 28, 2015, No Comments

You’ve mastered all of the dating advice and tips the gods and gurus have offered. At least you think you have, but you have yet to put them all to the test. Armed as you are with all of the right Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with the opposite…


6 Signs She Is Girlfriend Material

January 13, 2015, No Comments

If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to use the word “girlfriend” in conversations at the family picnic, it might be time for you to start getting serious about things again. And you’ve had more than your fair share of attention from the heartbreakers and moochers of…