Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Tinder

April 9, 2015, No Comments

Tinder is probably the most efficient way to meet someone today. The reason for that is that it allows you to approach virtually hundreds of people in one single day. It is mathematical. The more you attempt to meet girls, more you increase your chances of succeeding at finding…


4 Tips About the Attractive Male Body Language

April 4, 2015, No Comments

Believe it or not, women are very good at reading your body language. That’s why it’s important for you to know some body language signs of an attractive male so you have a better understanding what women react to. Oftentimes just changing your body language can have a positive…


How Are You and Your Partner Doing Together?

March 26, 2015, No Comments

What are the positive and negative aspects of your relationship? When you and your partner are both operating as loving adults, you will experience many positive results. When one or both of you are operating from your wounded self, you will experience many negative results. Since no one is…


The Good Life – Or So It Seems

March 20, 2015, No Comments

From time to time I would get a client who came to me for counseling who was living the life of a gigolo. Before I met them, I thought they lived the good life, wine, dine, everything paid for by their latest paramour. It just seemed like such an…


How to Overcome Shyness on a Date

March 16, 2015, No Comments

It is very hard to learn how to overcome shyness on a date and meet new people. If you are shy and find it difficult to hold a conversation with a stranger, you will feel anxious and worry that you won’t know what to talk about, you will be…


Overcome Your Insecurity in Relationships

April 8, 2015, No Comments

When two people become a couple, there is always a chance that one of them will be more reactive to the behavior of the other, especially if he lacks the needed self-esteem. For the sake of this article, let’s assume the insecure person is a male. However, if you…


10 Tips For Men To Make Your First Date A…

March 27, 2015, No Comments

You’ve managed to gain the attention of a girl and now you’re getting ready for what will be your first date. Men who have dated earlier have it easier because they know what works or rather should we say what does not work. For first-timers, it is more of…


Dealing With Rejection – How to Bounce Back

March 24, 2015, No Comments

When a relationship comes to an end it is never easy, but when you are not the one who wants to end it, it will feel a whole lot worse. You will need to have coping strategies in place to help when dealing with rejection. You will undoubtedly feel…


Don’t Get Into A Relationship To Avoid Being Alone

March 19, 2015, No Comments

Many people after a break up or divorce get into relationships for the sake of not being alone. Getting into a relationship with someone for the sake of not being by yourself can cause problems down the road. What happens if you pick the wrong person? Let’s say you…


7 Qualities Men Find Irresistible in Women

March 13, 2015, No Comments

With the growing population of single women, finding eligible single men could be a challenge. The competition is high and to get ahead of other women, you have to possess the qualities men find irresistible in women. Men who are looking for a long-term relationship are looking for certain…