7 Great Places to Meet Women

January 28, 2015, No Comments

You’ve mastered all of the dating advice and tips the gods and gurus have offered. At least you think you have, but you have yet to put them all to the test. Armed as you are with all of the right Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with the opposite…


6 Signs She Is Girlfriend Material

January 13, 2015, No Comments

If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to use the word “girlfriend” in conversations at the family picnic, it might be time for you to start getting serious about things again. And you’ve had more than your fair share of attention from the heartbreakers and moochers of…


Do Looks Matter To Seduce A Woman?

December 4, 2014, No Comments

Do any of you really think that it is necessary for a man to be absolutely gorgeous and beautiful for a woman in order to be able to seduce her and make her like you? Is your exterior look and attractiveness one of the most important factors that will…


What My Puppy Taught Me About Expectations in Relationships

November 25, 2014, No Comments

I adopted a puppy five days ago. I have to admit that it has been fun start to a new adventure! On our first day together, this three-year old handsomeness recently named Tonza pointed out something to me: how strongly expectations will influence a new relationship, any new relationship.…

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Getting rid of Your Unwanted Timeshares

November 18, 2014, No Comments

Do you have a timeshare that you have been trying to sell without any success? Buying a timeshare was incredibly popular back in the 1980s and as the demand for them waned and people who owned them couldn’t afford the charges many tried to sell them, but due to…


5 Signs That He’s Into You

January 26, 2015, No Comments

Most men are not vocal with their feelings and it is hard to know what’s on their minds. It would be really great if you can read his mind to know what he’s thinking especially if he’s someone you admire or like. Fortunately, there are ways to read a…


5 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone

December 5, 2014, No Comments

Are you tired of being the “nice guy” who is always so relied upon but never hit on? Have you been waiting for the perfect timing to get yourself out of the “Friend Zone”? Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, self described “attraction doctor,” says that the friend zone is that area…


Why He Doesn’t Deserve You

December 3, 2014, No Comments

Recently I have ran into men of the past that want to reconnect in some way shape or form. At first I almost fell back into the trickery of their nonsense until I quickly realized to re-visit the past would only prolong my future. These men were men that…


How Will They Miss You?

November 24, 2014, No Comments

We live our lives in so much of a blur, We have no idea of the cost we may incur, When death makes its unpredictable stake, Those left behind are left With that unmistakable ache. Staring back at that haunting scene, Considering what on earth our lives have been,…


Tips To Have A Successful Blind Date

November 14, 2014, No Comments

If you have planned for a blind date, you must be filled with a mix of emotions. Most of the people look forward to this date with a great hope and prospect, but there is still some fear about the date not being good enough or not being liked.…